1. Any company borrowing equipment from the Area 3 Response Trailer Unit must have the approval of the Steering Committee as listed at the beginning of this manual.
  2. The normal location of the Trailer Unit is at the Dollard Truck Terminal located in Dollard.
  3. Each company taking control of the Area 3 Response Trailer Unit for a given emergency is responsible to see that the equipment is returned to its designated storage location as soon as possible after the emergency.
  4. The company taking control of the Emergency Storage Trailer Unit shall notify a member of the Steering Committee advising them that the equipment has been returned to its normal location. The Committee will make a joint inspection of the Unit. The Steering Committee will immediately arrange to have the Unit cleaned and all equipment and materials checked and either restored or replaced as deemed necessary by the group. All costs will be charged directly to the company having used the equipment.
  5. Motorized equipment will be serviced under the control of the Steering Committee as well inventory of materials and equipment when not in use (after each use and once every two months).
  6. Emergency Storage Trailer Unit rental charges for Non-Members:
    • $3000.00/day for use of some or all equipment with or without trailer
    • Responsible and liable for any loss of equipment, clean up, and/or replacement at the Steering Committee?s recommendation
    • Transportation is the responsibility of the user.

      Companies experiencing a spill may request the aid or advice of members of this group and compensate their employers for the time spent.

    • The following schedule of fees will be used:
      • Field Foreman $500.00 per day
      • Engineers $500.00 per day
      • Technicians $500.00 per day

Annual Spill Training Exercise

2024 Spill Exercise

Date:         June 12, 2024
Location:  Control Point 11
Time: 9 a.m. 
Lunch: Gull Lake Recreational Hall Followed by the AGM 

2024 Control Point Tour

Date: September 11, 2024
Location: TBD
Time: 8 a.m.