The Southwest Saskatchewan Area 3 Environmental Response Unit is an oil
and gas production industry volunteer affiliate organization whose
mandate is to provide expertise towards communication, training and
contingency planning to minimize risks and environmental damage in the
event of a major incident.

The Steering Committee of this Response Unit functions with 31
industry sponsored units in Western Canada. The Response Unit is
responsible for activities in the following areas:

  • Preparation and maintenance of Southwest Saskatchewan Area 3 incident contingency plan.
  • Selection and purchase of adequate incident containment and recovery equipment
  • Conducting annual incident training exercises for all member companies once every calender year. Member companies provide on scene commander for the training sessions.

Area 3 Control Points

Area 1Area-2Area 4-5Area 6

The Response Unit enhances the above noted key responsibilities by providing Website for all member and Non member companies. The Website provides quick reference to coordinate immediate response activities to respond to a major incident.

The Website provides:

  • Steering Committee members contact telephone numbers and initial response flow chart.

  • List of industry, government and emergency contact telephone numbers, updated annually (includes equipment trailer custodian telephone number).

  • List of Area 3 region environmental response equipment location, usage policy and equipment Trailer Custodian telephone numbers.

  • Mapping and description of designated CONTROL POINTS on regional waterway courses.

The Response Unit provides members with the Initial Response Website and instructs members to print the manual for ready reference.

Detailed INCIDENT CONTAINMENT AND RECOVERY CONTINGENCY MANUAL providing specific incident response and procedures is maintained in the AREA 3 RESPONSE TRAILER

The 2021 Spill exercise will be a virtual exercise.

    A virtual exercise has be created and the video is above. Click the play button to complete your virtual exercise. At the end of the video you will be asked to complete the survey monkey so that we can add your name and company to the completed exercise list. Thank you


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